Greenhouse plans free

Sometimes there is a moment to change dramatically your lifestyle and to adopt a more healthier diet. In order to accomplish this objective, you have two broad options. On one hand, you could invest a significant amount of money on fresh vegetables, or you could find a new hobby and grow them by yourself in your garden. If you want to supply your family with organic vegetables all time of the year, you should build a small greenhouse in your garden. Taking into consideration the law cost of the materials and that you could decrease the expenditure by getting the job done by yourself, you should not let this opportunity get away.

Greenhouse plans free

Greenhouse plans free

Moreover, you could spend less by developing the green home by yourself, if you know the basic woodworking skills. Before buying the needed materials for the job, you should choose right greenhouse building plans for your needs, according to the size and shape of your backyard, as well as according to what and how many plants you are going to grow. It is always a great idea to spend time in the preliminary stages, trying to design the construction as to suit your needs. In addition, you could even turn the greenhouse in a focus point of your garden, if you choose a simple design. From my own experience, I can say that a small greenhouse is a great gift for your wife, as she will enjoy growing vegetables and cultivating exquisite flowers.

As we have already emphasized, there are several types of greenhouses you could choose from: mini-greenhouse, Victorian greenhouse , hoop house and lean-to greenhouse. There is no greenhouse that is right for any family or backyard, therefore you have to weight all the advantages and disadvantages before taking a decision.

If you want a greenhouse that would enhance the shape of look of your garden, but very efficient from a thermical point of view, then you should build a Victorian-style greenhouse. On the other hand, if you don’t have allocated a high budget for this construction, a hoop house would provide a great balance between the money invested and its advantages. In addition, you could build the hoop greenhouse even from PVC pipes, as they are easy to bend and has a good strength.

Greenhouse building plans

Greenhouse building plans

Nevertheless, if you have a narrow backyard or you want to build the construction along an existing wall, then a lean-to greenhouse it is ideal to your needs. In addition, this type of construction can be heated easily, if you install a door on the common wall. A lean-to greenhouse can be transformed into a nice pergola, during the cold winter days, as you can take your breakfast surrounded by your exotic plants.

Last but not least, a small greenhouse is a great start, if you want to learn the basic gardening concepts and tricks, before building a full-scale greenhouse. Learn how to build a small greenhouse, by checking out the link.

As you have seen, building a greenhouse is a straight forward process and it doesn’t even require a significant investment. Therefore, you haven’t any excuse for not building a greenhouse in your garden and start growing your own organic vegetables. Just work with great dedication and use the right materials and plans. If you follow the step by step instruction from these resources, you can get the job done in just an weekend.

Check out these step by step greenhouse projects:

Click here

Click here


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