Garden picnic table plans

If you have a small backyard and if you like to hang out with your friends, building a picnic table might be a great idea. A wooden picnic table for your garden doesn’t require a high investment nor complex woodworking skills, so you should be able to build it by yourself and keep the costs as low as possible. If an octagon table is too large or complex for your needs, then a hexagon picnic table should be a good compromise between the looks and the costs of the materials.


Garden picnic table plans 

Picnic table

Picnic table

Choose proper picnic table plans, before starting the actual construction, making sure they are as detailed as possible. Check if the plans feature step by step instructions and detailed diagrams. You could also adjust the size and the design of the picnic table, if you haven’t found something that fits your needs. Nevertheless, remember that you should make sure the structure is rigid enough to supports your weight.

From our experience, we recommend you to seal the legs of the picnic table, as to protect them from rot and water damage. Use silicone to cover the bottom part of the legs, especially if they are in contact with the ground. Invest in quality materials, such as pressure-treated, cedar or pine. You could use redwood as well, but it will increase the total costs of the project with about 50%.

Smooth the edges of the components with sandpaper and round the exposed ones with a router. It is essential to pay attention to all these preliminary steps, if you want to get the job done in a professional manner. Apply a few coats of exterior paint to the components, to protect them from decay and sunlight.


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