Building a small greenhouse

If you want to spend quality time in your garden and to supply your family with fresh vegetables, the only way to satisfy these needs is to build a small greenhouse. If you have a large backyard, the beast thing to do is to make a greenhouse with gable roof. Moreover, make sure the roof has a slop of at least 30 degrees. In this manner, the roof will drain the water properly, but it will also keep the air at a proper temperature. Building a small greenhouse won’t cost a lot and the invest will pay off in less than a year, if properly used.

Small Greenhouse PlansWork with great attention and with good judgement, as you need to plan everything from the very beginning. If you choose the wrong plans for your needs and for the configuration of the garden, you will not only waste your money, but you will also occupy the land with a useless construction. Make the structure of the small greenhouse using 2×4 lumber, as the boards are durable and strong enough to support the weight of the whole structure.

Drill pilot holes trough the components before driving in the screws, otherwise the wood might split. On the other hand, don’t forget to plumb the posts with a spirit level and to make sure they are right angled, if you want to get a proper result. Building the door of the greenhouse is an easy task, as you just need to make a frame out of 2×4 lumber and attach it to the greenhouse with several hinges. Alternatively, you could use shed plans free to build storage space for your needs.

Last but not lest, cover the greenhouse with polyethylene film and secure into place by securing small pieces of lumber to the outside of the film into the rafters. Make sure you stretch the film properly, otherwise it will damage over time. There are many plans and tools you could choose from, so make sure you study the alternatives and take the best decision for your needs.


Simple greenhouse plans

Building a greenhouse would not only enhance the look of your garden and add value to your property, but you can also change dramatically your lifestyle and be slim and healthy. Even a small greenhouse will supply your family with fresh vegetables all the year. Strange as it might seem, it is possible to grow vegetables (lettuce, carrots) during the cold winter days, without having to heat it. This means low costs and fresh vegetables every day, to bust up your health and energy level.

Greenhouse plans free

Greenhouse plans free

From our own experience, if you have a small backyard or a limited budget, you should consider building a lean to greenhouse, attached to your house. You should just buy 2×4 lumber and   screws to build the frame of the greenhouse. Make sure the surface is perfectly level before installing the frames into place. Use a spirit level to plumb the walls and to check if the top plates are perfectly horizontal. Drill pilot holes trough the lumber before inserting the 3” wood screws into place. We strongly recommend you to buy galvanized screws, as any other type of screws will easily rust over time. Small greenhouse plans are an excellent choice, as you wouldn’t have to invest a significant amount of money, but you will grow fresh vegetables all the year.

Nevertheless, before starting the actual project, we recommend you to study the local building codes. The legal requirements vary extensively, so you should make sure you understand and comply with them, before choosing the plans, materials and tools. There are many plans you could choose from, starting with lean to structures up to gable greenhouses. Work with a lot of attention when selecting the plans, as they should come with detailed instructions and they should also contain a list of the materials needed for the project.

After building the main frame of the greenhouse, you should install a simple door. Also, if you live in an area with hot summer days, we strongly recommend you to install several vents. In this manner, you will be able to ventilate the greenhouse and to keep the temperature at an appropriate level. Last but not least, cover the wooden structure with polyethylene foil, as the it is a good material and it will protect the structure properly.


Lots of free greenhouse plans at

Playhouse Plans Free

Playhouse plans free

Build a playhouse

A playhouse is a must have wooden working project for any kid. Although the first thought might be that a playhouse is expensive, most of the people don’t realize that building a diy construction can be done in just an weekend, if the right outdoor playhouse plans are used. In fact, anyone can get the job done in just a few days, if you pay attention to several aspects. The best part is that you could save a significant amount of money and create something beautiful with your hands. Take into account the following aspects, to obtain a professional result.

1. Planning the design of the playhouse

Playhouse plans free

Playhouse plans free

You should start from professional building plans, developed by persons with a solid background in construction. You can find many plans on the internet, starting with simple constructions up to complex two-stories playhouses. Some plans are free, while for others you have to pay a small fee (no more than 15 dollars). The best plans come with step by step instructions and a list with all the materials and tools required for the job. If you want to obtain a unique design, you could combine more plans, choosing the features that fir your needs. We recommend you to involve your kids in the planning process, as they can come with great ideas.

Choose a proper location for the playhouse, if you want to make it a focus point of you backyard. From our experience, we recommend you to leave at least a couple of feet around the playhouse, to let your kids play freely. It would also be a great idea to build a wooden sandbox in the proximity of the Wendy house.

2. Construction

Make sure you buy the best materials you could afford, as you want to build a durable construction. Build the floor of the playhouse from 2×4 joists and lock them together with 3” screws.  Make sure the corners are right-angled, using a carpentry square. Attach 3/4” plywood sheets to the playhouse, to build the flooring. Afterwards, build the walls from 2×2 lumber and install them into place with 3” screws. Plumb the walls with a spirit level, to get the job done as a professional

Install the 5/8” siding to the exterior of the playhouse and secure the panels with 1 1/4” nails. Install the trims around the door and window openings. Afterwards, fir the rafters and the roofing sheets. Use a spirit level, to make sure the to of the roof is perfectly level. Connect the plywood sheets together and secure them to the rafters with 2” nails. Last but not least, install tar paper and asphalt shingles, to make the construction waterproof.

3. Enhancing the look of the playhouse

Building the roof of the wooden playhouse

Building the roof of the wooden playhouse

In order to add character to the playhouse, we recommend you to build a small balcony or to build a small deck. These are little details but they can change dramatically the look of the wooden construction. In addition, install 1×3 trims around the windows, door and corners, as to obtain a neat look. Fill the gaps and the holes with wood putty, before sanding the wooden surface with 120-grit sandpaper.

Apply several coats of  paint to protect the lumber from rot and to enhance the look of the playhouse. Work with great acre and attention, if you want to get the job done properly from the very beginning. If you don’t have enough time or woodworking skills to get the job done, you should hire a professional with a solid background in the field. This will increase the coats  by at least 30%, but the result will fit your needs and tastes.

Last but not least, you could also choose a great compromise between the the costs and benefits. Therefore, playhouse kits have attractive prices and come with  all the components pre-cut. Just follow the step-by-step instructions included in the kit and assemble the components with great care. Ask a friend to hold the components into place, while you drive in the screws.

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Free potting bench plans

If you like to grow flowers and maintain them in a proper shape, then you need to use a wooden potting bench. On one hand, you could get buy one from your local store, but you should know it may come at pretty expensive price. On the other hand, if you want to decrease the expenditure or you just want to use your carpentry skills, you could build one by yourself. Moreover, from our own experience, we can confirm that the construction process is not as complicated as it might seem at first glace, therefore, you should take the plunge and give it a shot. In this article we show what you need to build a potting bench, as well as the main construction techniques.

First of all, you should assess your needs and design the bench accordingly. If you don’t have expertise in this field, you should search potting bench plans on the internet and use them as a starting point for your project. If you need a large working surface, you should adjust the size of the potting bench. In addition, we highly recommend you to build a wooden shelf, in order to deposit the bags of soil.

If you are willing to invest large amount of money in this project, we strongly recommend you to install a sink. In this manner, you could wash your hands easily whenever you dirt your hands. In addition, don’t forget to build many shelves, in order to deposit all the tools required for this operation. On the other hand, you could even get the job done from materials rescued from old pallets. In this way, you could obtain a rustic result and keep the costs at a very low level.

Potting bench plans free

Potting bench plans free

Beside using proper plans for your needs and tastes, you need to buy proper material. Therefore, we recommend you to buy lumber  designed for outdoor use, such as redwood, pine, cedar or pressure treated. In addition, another aspect you have to take into account is the woodworking techniques required for the job. Align all the components properly at both ends and pre-drill holes before inserting the screws into position.

Work with good judgement and attention, if you want to obtain a professional result. Besides using proper plans and materials, you have to plumb the side legs with a spirit level, before driving in the screws. After you get the job done, don’t forget to fill the head of the screws with a good wood putty. Last but not least, sand the surface with a sander and clean the surface thoroughly, before applying several coats of stain or paint.

If you want to enhance the look of your garden, you could build outdoor bench plans free, from proper materials and using the right carpentry techniques. Work with great care and attention, if you want to obtain a professional result. Follow the step by step instructions and adjust the size of the outdoor bench, according to your needs. 

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Greenhouse plans free

Sometimes there is a moment to change dramatically your lifestyle and to adopt a more healthier diet. In order to accomplish this objective, you have two broad options. On one hand, you could invest a significant amount of money on fresh vegetables, or you could find a new hobby and grow them by yourself in your garden. If you want to supply your family with organic vegetables all time of the year, you should build a small greenhouse in your garden. Taking into consideration the law cost of the materials and that you could decrease the expenditure by getting the job done by yourself, you should not let this opportunity get away.

Greenhouse plans free

Greenhouse plans free

Moreover, you could spend less by developing the green home by yourself, if you know the basic woodworking skills. Before buying the needed materials for the job, you should choose right greenhouse building plans for your needs, according to the size and shape of your backyard, as well as according to what and how many plants you are going to grow. It is always a great idea to spend time in the preliminary stages, trying to design the construction as to suit your needs. In addition, you could even turn the greenhouse in a focus point of your garden, if you choose a simple design. From my own experience, I can say that a small greenhouse is a great gift for your wife, as she will enjoy growing vegetables and cultivating exquisite flowers.

As we have already emphasized, there are several types of greenhouses you could choose from: mini-greenhouse, Victorian greenhouse , hoop house and lean-to greenhouse. There is no greenhouse that is right for any family or backyard, therefore you have to weight all the advantages and disadvantages before taking a decision.

If you want a greenhouse that would enhance the shape of look of your garden, but very efficient from a thermical point of view, then you should build a Victorian-style greenhouse. On the other hand, if you don’t have allocated a high budget for this construction, a hoop house would provide a great balance between the money invested and its advantages. In addition, you could build the hoop greenhouse even from PVC pipes, as they are easy to bend and has a good strength.

Greenhouse building plans

Greenhouse building plans

Nevertheless, if you have a narrow backyard or you want to build the construction along an existing wall, then a lean-to greenhouse it is ideal to your needs. In addition, this type of construction can be heated easily, if you install a door on the common wall. A lean-to greenhouse can be transformed into a nice pergola, during the cold winter days, as you can take your breakfast surrounded by your exotic plants.

Last but not least, a small greenhouse is a great start, if you want to learn the basic gardening concepts and tricks, before building a full-scale greenhouse. Learn how to build a small greenhouse, by checking out the link.

As you have seen, building a greenhouse is a straight forward process and it doesn’t even require a significant investment. Therefore, you haven’t any excuse for not building a greenhouse in your garden and start growing your own organic vegetables. Just work with great dedication and use the right materials and plans. If you follow the step by step instruction from these resources, you can get the job done in just an weekend.

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