Building a raised garden bed

If you want to grow vegetables and flowers all day long, we recommend you to build a small raised garden planter or a wooden greenhouse. While the greenhouse requires a significant investment and it is appropriate if you are experienced and want to grow a large quantity of vegetables, a raised bed will provide enough space to grow vegetables and flowers.

Free raised garden bed plans

Free raised garden bed plans

As you will see in this project, building a raised garden bed is easy, but you need to pay attention to a few aspects. On one hand, you have to select the location of the planter with great attention, as it needs to receive a significant amount of light all day long. In addition,  you need to place it in such a way as not to waste too much space, especially if you have a tight backyard. From our experience, we recommend you to make the raised garden bed a highlight point of the garden, especially if you work with great care and get a professional result.

In order to build a durable raised garden bed, you should buy quality materials, that are weather resistant, such as pine, cedar or redwood. Make sure the boards are in a good condition before buying them, otherwise the planter won’t have a neat look. Work with great care and attention, otherwise your investment won’t pay off on the long term.

After building the frame of the garden bed, you could attach trims on top of the slats, to enhance the look of the construction. Protecting the plants from bed weather is possible  if you build hoop arches out of flexible pvc. Cover the arched frames with film and you will increase the temperature during the cold night and days significantly. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ventilate the raised bed when the outside temperature is high.

You also need to plan everything from the very beginning, if you want to prevent mistakes or any other kind of issues. In you plan to grow vegetables and flower, it will also be a great idea to use free potting bench plans to build a useful support when planting the seedlings. Choose the size of the planter with great care, otherwise you might find the raised bed either too large or too small. Install landscaping membrane at the bottom and along the interior walls of the garden bed, to keep the weeds out of the box. Plan everything from the very beginning, if you want to get the job done in a professional manner.