Basic Greenhouse Plans

Building a basic greenhouse is not the most difficult diy project for a regular homeowner, but it definitely has several advantages. On one hand, you can grow your own vegetables organically and change your lifestyle towards a more healthier approach. From our own experience, we consider that building a small greenhouse plans should be a top priority for any family, especially if you have a large backyard. You also need to build a cold frame for your garden, as to grow plants even in the cold season.

Building the frameThere are many tools and techniques you could choose from, so you really should study the alternatives before taking a decision. From our experience, a simple frame with a gable shape is a good choice, as it doesn’t require complicated woodworking techniques nor a high investment. If you know how to cut lumber, drill pilot holes and insert galvanized screws, it means you can get the ob done by yourself. If you also have a handy friend, you should ask him to give you a hand, as there are certain steps when you need another person.

First of all, you need to build the side walls on a level surface. Afterwards, lay them into place and secure the frames temporarily with 2×4 braces. Use a spirit level to check if the walls are plumb. Continue by installing the back wall and the front wall. In this manner, you will enhance the rigidity of the frame.

Greenhouse plansNext, build the rafters out of 2×4 lumber. Do’t forget to cut both ends of the rafters at about 45 degrees, if you wand to obtain a construction with a proper slope. A roof with at least 30 degrees slope would drain the water properly, so take this aspect into account, before starting the garden project.

Building the door of the greenhouse is not difficult, as you should use 2×2 or 2×4 slats. Drill pilot holes and lock the components together, if you want to get a professional result. Check the corners for squareness, by using a good carpentry square. Fit the door into the door opening and lock it to the frame with metal hinges. Cover the greenhouse with polyethylene film, making sure you stretch it properly. If necessary, fit 1×2 strips of wood over the film into the rafters.



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